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Do you like our website, do you appreciate the information we offer and do you enjoy our original pictures of cycling in Holland? If you donate a minimum of 10 euros to, we will send you our digital 2018 Photo Calendar with highlights from our day trips. A great Christmas gift for your cycling friends and family! This is how it works.
Photo Calendar 2018. Photo ©

Photo Calendar 2018. Photo ©


There is a lot of information on cycling in Holland, but we found that most of it is only in Dutch. Therefore has collected all you need to know - in English. We aim to bring you comprehensive information, as independent and objective as possible, and share our enthusiasm about cycling in Holland with you.

Holland-Cycling is not subsidised by the authorities or organisations with a commercial interest in tourism: we get our money from dedicated adverts on our website, small provisions from bookings made through our website (we do not organise tours an holidays ourselves, so as not to be in competition with other parties and thus remaining impartial) and donations from users of our website - in other words: you!

Help us to keep online and up-to-date by making a donation. If you donate 10 euros or more, we will send you our 2018 Photo Calendar. Making and maintaining our websites takes a lot of time and a fair bit of money. A small amount goes to the cost of internet hosting, most expenses are made for travelling all over the country to go cycling ourselves, gathering information and making photographs. With our photo calendar, we can give some of our favourite pics to you.


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The Calendar

  • 13 pages with photographs from our original day trips. One month per page, including Dutch national holidays.
  • High quality pictures, 300 dpi, fit for A4 paper (also printable on other paper sizes).
  • A pdf file of 9 MB, large - but small enough to be accepted by the leading email providers and email client applications.
  • No limitations: you can print the document as many times as you likes and share it freely - as long as the calendar is not used for commercial purposes.