Where to go

Day trips

Many touristic highlights in the Utrecht region are within cycling distance. Utrecht's central location and the varied landscapes in the region make the city an ideal starting point for bike trips. Here's a selection of 'must do' bike trips in the area.


Guided bike tours in Utrecht

Do you want to do a guided bike tour through the historic city centre or a more challenging ride through the Utrecht area? Here’s an overview of the bike tour companies in Utrecht and the type of tours they offer.


Long-distance routes

The national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is a series of signposted routes intended for cycling holidays. You can pick up some of these routes and more right in the centre of Utrecht.


Getting around

Finding your way

A visit to Utrecht isn't complete without a bike tour through the city. Many touristic highlights in the Utrecht region are within cycling distance. Here are some tips how to find your way around Utrecht.


Bicycle rental in Utrecht

Many people explore the city of Utrecht by bicycle. Renting a bike is easy and relatively inexpensive. Where can you rent a bike in the centre of Utrecht? How does it work?


Parking your bicycle in Utrecht

Utrecht is a city that actively promotes cycling, so what better way of getting around than by bike. Unfortunately, bike theft and vandalism are a real issue. So lock your bike properly and use a guarded bike parking facility when possible.


Public transport

Utrecht has an extensive public transport network. Bikes are not allowed on the bus or tram. Luckily the tourist highlights are within cycling distance. You can use the train to get to and from Utrecht with your bike.


Where to stay

Where to stay in Utrecht

Whether you’re looking for a simple bed to sleep in, or want somewhere to pamper yourself after a day outside, there are plenty of places to stay in Utrecht. There is also special cyclist-friendly accommodation.