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The national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is a series of signposted routes intended for cycling holidays. Together they form a network that takes you all across Holland. You can pick up some of the national long-distance routes right in the centre of Amsterdam.
Cycling the Zuiderzee Route. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Cycling the Zuiderzee Route. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

The LF Zuiderzee Route is a round trip around the former Zuiderzee that starts and finishes in Amsterdam. The City Route (LF2) goes from Amsterdam to Brussels. The River Bank Route (LF7) passes through Amsterdam on the way.

You can cycle a LF route as separate long-distance route, or - as the LF routes form a network across Holland - combine them into a route of your own. Combining the LF routes often gives you a more varied route and allows you to get back to your starting point.

Example of a round trip from Amsterdam using the national long-distance cycle network

Amsterdam to Utrecht - LF7 (River Bank Route)
Utrecht to The Hague - LF4 (Middle of Holland Route)
The Hague to IJmuiden - LF Coastal Route
IJmuiden to Amsterdam - numbered cycle network

For an overview of all the national long-distance routes and how the network works, go to: National long-distance cycle network.

LF routes passing through Amsterdam

LF2 City Route (Stedenroute)
Amsterdam - Brussels (200 km)

Culture, architecture and city life alternated with scenic countryside - the LF2 takes you from the Dutch to the Belgian capital.

LF7 River Bank Route (Oeverlandroute)
Alkmaar - Maastricht (385 km)

The LF7 takes you through Holland following a network of very diverse rivers and canals. Cycling along the waterways is a picturesque way to enjoy the landscape and learn more about Dutch history.

LF Zuiderzee Route (LF Zuiderzeeroute)
Amsterdam - Amsterdam (440 km)

The Zuiderzee Route is one of the most popular Dutch long-distance routes that takes you all the way round the IJsselmeer.