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It’s the 17th century, an age of economic and cultural prosperity in the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. The Golden Age! The tiny Republic dominates world trade thanks to an enormous commercial fleet and a strong navy.

Golden Age Cycle Tour

Tour operator: Dutch Bike Tours
Type of holiday: self-guided, family tour
Luggage transport: included
Accommodation: hotel
Number of days: 6 days
Price: from €499

The seafaring County of Holland is the richest region in the world. The world’s first stock exchange is founded here by the East India Trading Company (VOC). As the rich grow richer, science and art gain importance and flourish. Thanks to the excellent business instincts of the Dutch, towns such as Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam are growing and prospering.

In 2015, the Golden Age inspired us to design this wonderful cycling route. We will start in The Hague, where you can look at paintings from the Golden Age in Mauritshuis Museum. The town of Delft could be the highlight of your holiday. In the Golden Age it was a town of rich merchants and although some of the grand buildings from the period are now a bit crooked it just adds to the charm: the town is still quaintly beautiful today. Back then it was the seat of a VOC chamber of commerce, an important place. Delft’s inhabitants counted famous scientists and painters such as Johannes Vermeer.

Discover traces of this exiting century during your carefree bicycle holiday with Dutch Bike Tours.

Golden Age Cycle Tour photo nr. 1
Golden Age Cycle Tour photo nr. 1

The information on this page has been provided by the tour operator. Please check the tour operator's website for the most up-to-date information.

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