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Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime cycling holiday in Holland? To help you on your way, we made a selection of the most popular cycling holidays offered by Dutch tour operators.

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Amsterdam - Maastricht Tour

8 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 650,-

One-way route from Amsterdam to Maastricht followed by a train journey back to Amsterdam.


Beach and Towns Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from € 630,-

Behind the dunes you’ll discover a diverse hinterland with multicoloured bulb flower fields, lovely historical towns and all sorts of tourist attractions.


Big Cities Tour

14 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 1.265,-

This is our longest cycle route: two action-packed weeks of many beautiful and interesting sights.


Bike Boat Amsterdam - Bruges

8 days  -  guided, family tour, bike-boat tour  -  from € 899,-

The Amsterdam – Bruges bike and barge cycle tour is an exciting and diverse holiday experience that highlights some of the most beautiful cities of Holland and Belgium. You can start this tour either in Amsterdam or Bruges.


Bike Boat Amsterdam - Bruges Premium

8 days  -  guided, bike-boat tour  -  from € 1.279,-

This tour highlights some of the most beautiful cities of Holland and Flanders: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges, where you still can feel the charm of the days long gone. You can start this tour either in Amsterdam or Bruges.


Bike Boat Southern Tour

8 days  -  self-guided, bike-boat tour  -  from € 749,-

Perfect tour for anyone wanting to see as much of “typical” central Holland as is possible in one week. Highlights include the beautiful cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Delft and Haarlem.


Cycling from Utrecht

6 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 385,-

Our four round tours take you into areas of natural beauty and past many forts, castles and interesting historical fortified towns.The landscapes are varied.


Dutch Water Line Route

4 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 295,-

Bicycle tour along the famous Dutch Water Line, a series of defence works which has been selected to be placed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2019.


Family Budget - A Right Royal Route!

8 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 330,-

Royal domains, royal palaces and royal estates are one of the themes of this holiday. Thankfully you won’t be needing a royal budget for this majestic cycling holiday.


Green Heart Tour

5 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 415,-

Cycle tour through the Green Heart of Holland - a quintessential Dutch rural area surrounded by the big cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.


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