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Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime cycling holiday in Holland? To help you on your way, we made a selection of the most popular cycling holidays offered by Dutch tour operators.

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Abbeys & Beers: Brabant and Flanders

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from € 575,-

Experience the taste of Trappist beers on this unique cycle route which takes you past four Trappist abbeys in Holland and Belgium.


Around Lake Markermeer Bike Tour

7 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 615,-

Cycling all the way around the Lake Markerneer, you will find yourself captivated by charming historical towns, museums and ever-changing land and waterscapes.


Beach and Towns Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from € 630,-

Behind the dunes you’ll discover a diverse hinterland with multicoloured bulb flower fields, lovely historical towns and all sorts of tourist attractions.


From Europe's biggest harbour to the countryside

7 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 570,-

Leave the skyscrapers and port cranes of Rotterdam behind you and plunge into the tranquil countryside along the North Sea coast.


Gems of the East Bike Tour

7 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 575,-

Discover east of the Netherlands, a popular cycling region that combines varied countryside and historic towns. You visit three of our favourite towns: Zutphen, Nijmegen and Doesburg.


Lake IJssel and VOC Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from € 610,-

This tour takes you to you Holland's VOC towns along the coast of the former Zuiderzee. You also get to discover Amsterdam and the beautiful sandy beaches and dunes along the North Sea coast.


New Dutch Water Line Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from € 625,-

Are you in search of the unexpected? This cycling tour through a unique military landscape is sure to keep you on your toes. The New Dutch Water Defence Line (85 km long) was an ingenious defensive system of dikes, sluices, canals, low forts and bunkers.


Pearls of Holland

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from € 625,-

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft and Gouda are among our cyclists’ all-time favourite cities – each unique and all brimming with that typical Olde Holland character.


Right through Holland Tour

7 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from € 600,-

Cycling is the best way to discover the diversity of this part of the Netherlands. From colourful bulb flower fields to picturesque historical towns, from windmills to cheese markets - it’s all there.


Southern Lake IJssel Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from € 595,-

Scenic lesson in Dutch history around Lake IJsse. You will visit historical harbour towns and villages which were important in the days of the Zuiderzee and cycle through the 'new land'.


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