Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime cycling holiday in Holland? To help you on your way, we made a selection of the most popular cycling holidays offered by Dutch tour operators.

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Big Cities Tour

14 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €1,565

This is our longest cycle route: two action-packed weeks of many beautiful and interesting sights.


Dunes and Deltaworks Tour

6 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €644

As soon as you drive down the access roads to Zeeland, that holiday feeling will come upon you. That salty air and the far horizons give you a feeling of peace, space and freedom.


Lake IJssel Tour - classic

8 days  -  self-guided  -  from €820

Most beloved tour that will show you the great variety of landscapes, towns and waters in the Netherlands. This route is partly the same as the Zuiderzee Tour.


Duinhotel Burgh Haamstede Bike Tour

6 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €530

Discover the province of Zeeland by bike from Duin Hotel Burgh Haamstede. Duin Hotel is in a blissfully peaceful location in the dunes, a 30 minute walk from the beach.


IJsselmeer Grand Tour

10 days  -  self-guided  -  from €1,085

Now here’s a challenge for you - cycle 439 km all the way around Lake IJsselmeer. On the way, take in the beautiful scenery and learn more about Dutch history.


Green Heart Tour

5 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €504

Cycle tour through the Green Heart of Holland - a quintessential Dutch rural area surrounded by the big cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.


Villa Ruimzicht Doetinchem Tour

6 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €545

This six-day bike holiday in the popular cycling region the Achterhoek is an ideal combination of sporting activity, nature and pure relaxation.


North Holland Peninsula Tour

5 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €554

This is Holland at its wettest and flattest! This part of the province of North Holland fits the image that most foreigners have of Holland.


Cycling from Amsterdam - 5 days

5 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €465

This is a 5-day holiday based at a cyclist-friendly hotel in Amsterdam. You will stay 4 nights in Amsterdam and have 3 full days at your disposal for cycling. There are 4 routes to choose from.


Sand and Sea Tour

11 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €1,194

If you love the sea and beautiful sandy beaches and if you’re interested to find out about Holland’s struggle against the waters and about our seafaring history, this might well be the tour for you.


Frisian Eleven Cities Tour

8 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €834

Explore the water-rich province of Friesland and the eleven historical towns that are the scene of the famous scating event: the Eleven Towns Tour.


Frisian Towns and Lakes Tour

6 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €590

Cycling tour of the province of Friesland. Discover the historic towns and villages, lakes and varied scenery of the main land. You can opt to include a visit to one of the Wadden Islands.


Along the Meuse from Maastricht to Sedan

8 days  -  self-guided  -  from €654

The International Meuse Route is a bicycle route along the meandering River Meuse (or Maas as it is known in Dutch) between Maastricht in the Netherlands and the French town of Sedan.


Gems of the East Bike Tour

7 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €780

Discover east of the Netherlands, a popular cycling region that combines varied countryside and historic towns. You visit three of our favourite towns: Zutphen, Nijmegen and Doesburg.


Pearls of Holland

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from €830

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft and Gouda are among our cyclists’ all-time favourite cities – each unique and all brimming with that typical Olde Holland character.


Top of North Holland Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from €770

This tour takes you to the northern part of the province of North Holland. Bulb fields, windmills, dunes, sandy beaches, historic towns -you’ll be surprised to discover all the delights of this region


Stagecoach Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from €690

The lovely Stagecoach Route runs through attractive and diverse landscapes - e.g. typical Dutch heaths, pine forests and sand drifts. You also visit several Hanseatic towns along the River IJssel.


Southern Lake IJssel Tour

7 days  -  self-guided  -  from €724

Scenic lesson in Dutch history around Lake IJsse. You will visit historical harbour towns and villages which were important in the days of the Zuiderzee and cycle through the 'new land'.


Cycling with Childeren - Kings and Beaches

6 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €604

This family cycling tour offers adventure, variety, and heaps of fun. You will cycle through green polders; along the coast; and even amongst tulip fields - so come in springtime!


Dunes and Canals Tour

8 days  -  self-guided, family tour  -  from €880

Enjoying the coast and charming old towns. This very attractive cycle route takes you on a tour of an enchanting variety of landscapes: woods, lakes, polders, meadows, dunes, beaches, canals and rivers.


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