Getting to Holland by road

Are you coming to Holland by road? Whether you can bring your bicycle or not will depend on the mode of transport you choose.
Holland is easily accessible by car road from all over Europe. Photo ©

Holland is easily accessible by car road from all over Europe. Photo ©


All cycle routes lead to Holland - that’s what the Dutch like to think. So why not come to Holland by bicycle? You can use the European cycle network to travel to Holland from all over Europe. European cycle routes that go through Holland connect with the national long-distance cycle network (LF routes).

European cycle routes passing through Holland
Cycle Route
Route no. in Holland
Dutch section
North Sea Cycle Route LF1, LF10 Sluis - Nieuweschans (continues along the North Sea Coast through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, Belgium)
Cities Route LF2 Amsterdam - Brussels (Belgium)
Vechtdal Route LF16 Zwolle - Darfeld (Germany)
Kempen Route LF51 Eindhoven - Antwerp (Belgium)
Capitals Route LF1, LF4, LF8 Sluis - Zwilbrock (Germany)
Rhine Cycle Route  LF12, LF11, LF17, LF4, LF3 Hook of Holland - Millingen (continues through Germany, France and Switzerland to the source of the River Rhine) focuses on cycling in Holland. This includes the international routes that cross Dutch territory. It is beyond the scope of this website to give an extensive overview of all European cycle routes. There are some other sites that will help you on your way.

Useful websites with more on the European cycle network

Europafietsers (part English, part Dutch) is a website by Dutch cycling enthusiasts, that gives a lot of practical information on all European cycle routes. The site offers a very useful map with a network of all European cycle routes. It is a good starting point to planning your route. You can click on the routes for more information. Unfortunately, this is where the English information stops. Don’t let this put you off. You don’t need any knowledge of the Dutch language to pick out some useful information, such as length of route and titles of guide books or maps.

EuroVelo is a project of the European Cyclists’ Federation to develop a network of cycling routes that connect the whole of Europe. The network is to be substantially completed by 2020. The EuroVelo website gives a useful map with all their routes. Other than that it doesn’t give much practical information for the cyclist. The site is a good way of finding out what routes there are. Once you know this, you can search for more information on the route online. Some of the routes have their own website.


Holland is easily accessible by car from all over Europe. Use a route planner to find the best route to your destination. If you’re coming by car, bringing your bicycle shouldn’t be any problem.

Finding a safe place to park your car while you're doing a tour of several days or weeks can be a bit difficult. Some hotels will allow you to leave your car on their premises while you are away. It's best to arrange this with your hotel in advance. Usually you'll be charged a fee for this service. Please note that parking - especially in the major cities - doesn't come cheap. This is to help bring down the number of cars in the busy city centres. Often it's cheaper and more convenient to leave your car outside the city and go into the centre by bike or public transport.

Properly secure your bike and bike rack at all times! Photo ©

Properly secure your bike and bike rack at all times! Photo ©

Bike rack

A bike rack is a very practical way of transporting one or more bicycles. There are a few aspects you might want to consider when purchasing a bike rack:

  • Roof bike rack - fuel increase, height is a consideration, especially when travelling by boat or if you’re coming through the Channel Tunnel
  • Rear trunk mounted rack - boot space not accessible
  • Rear mounted rack - relatively big to store when not in use


If you want to come to Holland by coach, Eurolines is your most likely choice. Eurolines maintains the most extensive coach service in Europe. It offers cheap tickets to Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and several other Dutch cities from destinations all over Europe. Unless you can fold your bicycle and put it inside a suitcase, they won’t take it on board. Not to worry, renting a bicycle in Holland is easy and not that expensive.