What gear do you need for a cycling holiday in Holland? Everybody has their own standard holiday packing list, so as far as your general travelling gear is concerned: bring what you feel is necessary. There are some essentials cyclists should remember to bring when they come to Holland. Here is a basic packing list.
What to bring. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comWhat to bring. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com


  • Bicycle - in good working order. Read more on: What kind of bicycle do I need?
  • Good locks for your bike - preferably two. Read more on: Bicycle theft - how to avoid the pitfalls?
  • Basic bike repair kit - this should at least include a bicycle pump, the necessary tools and equipment for mending a puncture and a spare inner tube. Read more on: Bicycle repair
  • Non-standard spare parts which might not be available everywhere - ask your local bike dealer
  • Bike helmet - optional, not compulsory in Holland. Read more on: Traffic rules & regulations
  • Bicycle bags - preferably waterproof


  • Maps/ GPS /Guide books/ Apps. Read more on: Maps & books
  • Bicycle map holder - preferably waterproof


  • Reliable waterproof clothing - coat and trousers
  • Something for warm days
  • Something for cold and windy days

Just in case...

  • Basic first aid kit
  • Sun cream. Read more on: Health
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottle. Read more on: Health

Compulsory identification
Please note that in Holland everyone must be able to identify themselves when requested to do so by police and other officials. You must have a valid identification document on you at all times.