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The national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is a series of signposted routes intended for cycling holidays. Together the LF routes form a network that takes you all across Holland. You can pick up some of the national long-distance routes in or nearby Rotterdam.
The LF2 goes through Rotterdam and Kinderdijk. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

The LF2 goes through Rotterdam and Kinderdijk. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

National long-distance routes

The Dutch Coastal Route (LF1 and LF10) - the most popular long-distance cycle route in Holland - follows the Dutch coast. You can pick up this route not far from Rotterdam, at Hook of Holland. The City Route (LF2) goes from Amsterdam, via Rotterdam, to Brussels. The Princes' Route (LF11) goes from The Hague, via Rotterdam, to Breda, connecting with other LF routes along the way. The River Maas and Fortresses Route (LF12) starts just west of Rotterdam in Maassluis and takes you along the river Maas to Nijmegen, where it connects with the International Rhine Cycle Route.

You can cycle a LF route as a separate long-distance route, or - as the LF routes form a network across Holland - combine them into a route of your own. Combining the LF routes often gives you a more varied route and allows you to get back to your starting point. So get creative and don't just focus on one route!

Example of a round trip from Rotterdam using the national long-distance cycle network
Rotterdam to Nijmegen - LF1 North Sea Route (Noordzee Route)
Nijmegen to Arnhem - LF3-3 River Maas Route (Maasroute)
Arnhem to The Hague - LF4 Middle of Holland Route (Midden-Nederlandroute)
The Hague to Rotterdam - LF11 Princes’ Route (Prinsenroute)

For an overview of all the national long-distance routes and how the network works, go to: National long-distance cycle network.

Long-distance routes passing through Rotterdam

LF1 North Sea Route (Noordzee Route)
Den Helder - Sluis
310 km

Sandy beaches, dunes shaped by the wind and the epic battle of the Dutch against the sea - the LF1 shows you the different aspects of the beautiful Dutch North Sea coast. Together the LF1 and the LF10 form the Dutch Coastal Route - the Dutch section of the North Sea Cycle Route. For more on this European cycle route go to www.northsea-cycle.com.

LF2 City Route (Stedenroute)
Amsterdam - Brussels (Belgium)
340 km

Culture, architecture and city life alternated with scenic countryside - the LF2 takes you from the Dutch to the Belgian capital.

LF11 Princes’ Route (Prinsenroute)
The Hague - Breda
125 km

The LF11 is a connection route between the LF4, LF13, LF2 or LF12. It takes you from The Hague via Delft, Rotterdam and Dordrecht to Breda, the ‘little The Hague of the south’.

LF12 River Maas and Fortresses Route (Maas- en Vestingroute)
Maassluis - Nijmegen
220 km

Impressive castles, fortresses and fortified towns - the LF12 takes you along the old defence works on the River Maas.