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Are you cycling on a shoestring budget, or do you prefer more luxury? Whether you’re looking for a simple bed to sleep in, or want somewhere to pamper yourself after a day outside, there are plenty of places to stay in Utrecht. There is also special cyclist-friendly accommodation.
Finding bike friendly accommodation in Utrecht. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Finding bike friendly accommodation in Utrecht. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Bike friendly accommodation

Friends on the Bicycle

Cyclists being welcomed as a guest in private homes: that’s the idea behind Vrienden op de Fiets, or ‘Friends on the Bicycle’. Basically, Vrienden op de Fiets is a non-commercial form of B&B. The guest addresses are very diverse, so you get to meet a great variety of interesting people. The scheme is aimed at cyclists who are touring from A to B and want to stay somewhere for one or two nights.

Staying at a guest address costs €22.50 per person per night (in 2021). To make use of the guest addresses, you need to pay a small annual donation. Visitors from abroad are encouraged to make use of Vrienden op de Fiets. To find out more about the scheme, go to the Vrienden op de Fiets website.

Cyclists Welcome!

Some accommodations give cyclists an extra warm welcome. Hotels and campsites that have joined the Cyclists Welcome! (Fietsers Welkom!) scheme advertise with special facilities for guests who come on their bike. These include a safe place to leave your bicycle, a bicycle repair kit so you can mend a tyre if necessary, the possibility to recharge your electric bike free of charge and somewhere to dry your wet clothing (only at hotels). Campsites guarantee that however full they are, they will never send a cyclist away.

There are no Cyclists Welcome! locations in Utrecht itself. If you want to use the scheme, you have to go to Bunnik, a village at easy cycling distance from Utrecht city centre.

There are many other places that will also welcome you as a cyclist, from hotels to B&B's or even a houseboat. Some offer facilities like bike rental services. Check out the website of your accommodation to see what facilities they have for cyclists and if they have a safe place to park your bike overnight.

Finding your accommodation

If you want to book a hotel or other accommodation, you can do that right here through the website booking.com. Booking.com offers a wide variety of hotels and accommodations in Utrecht which you can book directly online. There are no extra booking costs.


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