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Winding country roads through intimate fields, modern mega farms with straight lines stretching to the horizon - the LF15 takes you through very diverse Dutch farmland.
The windmills of the Zes Wielen in Alkmaar. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

The windmills of the Zes Wielen in Alkmaar. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Dykes, weirs, windmills, pumping stations - farming in large parts of Holland is only possible if the water is kept at bay. Nowhere more so than in Flevoland, Holland’s most recent polder. Cycling through this thriving agricultural land, it’s hard to imagine that until the 1950s this was still the bottom of the Zuiderzee!

The route takes you from the old polders in Noord-Holland, pumped dry by windmills, through Flevoland to the small-scale traditional farmlands of Overijssel. Allow time to explore the famous Alkmaar cheese market, the traditional fishing villages of Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Urk and the Hanze towns of Kampen and Zwolle.

You can either take the ferry between Enkhuizen and Urk, or the dyke between Enkhuizen and Lelystad.

Combine this long-distance route with a day trip. We recommend:

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LF15 Farmland Route (Boerenlandroute)

Route: Alkmaar - Enschede
Distance: 260 km

Alkmaar - LF7
Hoorn - LF21
Lelystad - LF20
Kampen - LF3-1, LF3-2, LF22, LF23
Zwolle - LF9, LF16
Rijssen - LF19
Enschede - LF4, LF14

Maps: Online cycle route planner, or any good cycle map
GPS tracks: Download from Nederland Fietsland
Please note that all the LF routes are to undergo a radical overhaul in 2017-2021. In 2020 the LF15 Farmland Route is scheduled to be discontinued and a new route through the east of Holland is to be launched.