LF16 Vecht Valley Route (Vechtdalroute)

The LF16 takes you all along the richly meandering River Vecht in the province of Overijssel. Once an important trade route, the river is now lined with picturesque villages and grand castles and manor houses.


Ships laden with goods sailing up and down the river, merchants selling their wares, smugglers avoiding high toll fees - the region’s rich trading history is still tangible in the Hanze towns of Zwolle and Ommen. Erosion and sedimentation have shaped this unique landscape, making it home to some rare flora and fauna.

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LF16 Vecht Valley Route (Vechtdalroute)

Route: Zwolle - Darfeld (Germany)
Distance: 230 km
Connections: Zwolle - LF9, LF15
Ommen - LF8
Neuenhaus - LF14
Maps: Online cycle route planner, or any good cycle map
GPS tracks: Download from Nederland Fietsland
Please note that all the LF routes are to undergo a radical overhaul in 2017-2021. Any changes to the LF16 Vecht Valley Route are scheduled to take place in 2019.