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Water, wetlands and reed farming - the LF3-1 takes you on a trip back in time through the water-rich province of Friesland and National Park De Weerribben.
Cycling through National Park De Weerribben. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Cycling through National Park De Weerribben. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Remote villages and extensive wetlands where for centuries farmers earned their living harvesting reed. These wetlands show what large parts of Holland must have looked like before the time of water management. The unique flora and fauna make this route a must for nature lovers. To enjoy the wide views of this typically open Dutch landscape, come early in the season when the reed is still low. To see the harvesting of the reed you need to come before 1 April.

The Wetland Route is the northern section of the LF3.

Combine this long-distance route with a day trip. We recommend:

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 LF3-1 Wetland Route (Rietlandroute)

Route: Holwerd - Kampen  
Distance: 170 km
Connections: Holwerd - ferry to Wadden Island of Ameland
Kampen - LF3-2, LF15, LF22, LF23
Maps: Online cycle route planner, or any good cycle map
GPS tracks: Download from Nederland Fietsland
Please note that all the LF routes are to undergo a radical overhaul in 2017-2021. In 2017 the LF3-1 Wetland Route is scheduled to be discontinued.