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From the dunes by The Hague through the Rhine valley and National Park Veluwe Zoom to the eastern town of Enschede - the LF4 takes you through a variety of typical Dutch landscapes.
Grebbeberg near Rhenen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Grebbeberg near Rhenen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Holland has more to offer than a landscape of pastures, windmills and grazing cows, as painted by the Old Dutch Masters. The LF4 takes you through 7 different regions, showing you the many faces of Holland. Take a break to explore the cities of The Hague, Utrecht and Arnhem, or one of the many castles and manor houses along the route.

Nature lovers can enjoy the unique wildlife in National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug and De Blauwe Kamer and Veluwe nature reserves.

Combine this long-distance route with a day trip. We recommend:

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LF4 Middle of Holland Route (Midden-Nederlandroute)

Route: The Hague - Enschede
Distance: 300 km
Connections: The Hague - LF Coastal Route
Utrecht - LF9, Roman Limes Route
Bunnik - LF Waterline Route
Doorn - LF17
Arnhem - Rhine Cycle Route, LF3
Enschede - LF14
Maps: Online cycle route planner, or any good cycle map
GPS tracks: Download from Nederland Fietsland