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The national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is a series of routes intended for cycling holidays. All the routes have been given a number. Together they form a network that takes you all across Holland. The LF routes are signposted. They are also marked on the online cycle route planner and every decent cycle map.

How does it work?

As they form a network, you can use the LF routes in different ways:

  • Independent route
  • Several routes have been combined into longer routes, e.g. Dutch Coastal Route (LF1, LF10) and Zuiderzee Route (LF21-23)
  • Sections of routes have been combined into longer routes, e.g. Tour of Twente (LF14, LF15, LF8)
  • Use the network to make your own route
  • Some routes connect with European Cycle Routes, e.g. Rhine Cycle Route and North Sea Cycle Route


The LF routes are marked with green and white signposts in both directions (direction a and b). If you're cycling from West to East, or from North to South, you follow the signposts with the number of the LF route in direction a. If you're cycling from East to West, or from South to North, you follow the signposts with the number of the LF route in direction b.

The signposts can vary depending on the area you're cycling in. In particular the uncommon green sign on the toadstool signpost (see below) is easy to miss if you're looking out for the larger signposts.

Please note that the LF routes are to undergo a radical overhaul in 2017-2021.

Different signposts marking national long-distance cycle routes (LF routes).
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Overview of the LF routes

Below you'll find a comprehensive overview of all the LF routes. We also have a more elaborate overview of LF routes with short descriptions and photos.

LF1 North Sea Route (Noordzeeroute)
310 km Den Helder - Sluis
LF2 City Route (Stedenroute)
340 km Amsterdam - Brussels (Belgium)
LF3-1 Wetland Route (Rietlandroute)
170 km Holwerd - Kampen
LF3-2 Hanze Town Route (Hanzeroute)
135 km Kampen - Millingen
LF3-3 River Maas Route (Maasroute)
230 km Arnhem - Maastricht
LF4 Middle of Holland Route (Midden-Nederlandroute)
290 km The Hague - Enschede
20 km Thorn - Roermond
40 km Maastricht - German border
LF7 River Bank Route (Oeverlandroute)
385 km Alkmaar - Maastricht
100 km Ommen - Winterswijk
LF9 Sea Level Route (NAP-route)
455 km Nieuweschans - Breda
LF10 Wadden Sea Route (Waddenzeeroute)
275 km Callantsoog - Nieuweschans
LF11 Princes’ Route (Prinsenroute)
125 km The Hague - Breda
LF12 River Maas and Fortresses Route (Maas- en Vestingroute)
220 km Maassluis - Nijmegen
LF13 Schelde-Rhine Route (Schelde-Rheinroute)
290 km Vlissingen - Venlo
LF14 Saxons Route (Saksenroute)
290 km Lauwersoog - Enschede
LF15 Farmland Route (Boerenlandroute)
260 km Alkmaar - Enschede
LF16 Vecht Valley Route (Vechtdalroute)
230 km Zwolle - Darfeld (Germany)
60 km Gorinchem - Wijk bij Duurstede
35 km Deventer - Holten
LF20 Flevo Route
265 km Haarlem - Groningen
155 km Amsterdam - Afsluitdijk
135 km Afsluitdijk - Kampen
115 km Kampen - Amsterdam
50 km Breskens - Sas van Gent
LF51 Kempen Route
110 km Eindhoven - Antwerp (Belgium)
Zuiderzee Route (Zuiderzeeroute)
405 km Amsterdam - Amsterdam
Rhine Cycle Route (Rijnfietsroute)
270 km Millingen - Hook of Holland
Roman Limes Route (Romeinse Limesroute)
220 km Katwijk - Nijmegen
Maas Cycle Route (Maasfietsroute)
430 km Maastricht - Hook of Holland
Tour of Holland (Ronde van Nederland)
1300 km Arnhem-Arnhem
Tour of Twente (Rondje Twente)
165 km Ommen-Ommen
Dutch Coastal Route (Nederlandse Kustroute)
570 km Sluis-Nieuweschans

Also see our overview of LF routes with short descriptions and photos.