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Other long-distance cycle routes

Themed, signposted, non-signposted - besides the national long-distance cycle network (LF routes), there are many other long-distance routes in Holland. Here is an overview of the main routes.

Long-distance routes overview

Cycling along the Pieterpad (Fietsen langs het Pieterpad)

From the flat open polders of Groningen to the gentle hills of Limburg - Cycling along the Pieterpad takes you through the east of Holland from the Wadden Sea in the north to the Pietersberg on the Belgian border.


Limes Cycle Route (Limes Fietsroute)

From Katwijk where the River Rhine used to flow into the North Sea to the Black Sea - the Limes Cycle Route takes you all the way along the northern border line of the Roman Empire.


Eneco Veluwe Route

Woodlands, heath, sand drifts, polders and rivers - the Eneco Veluwe Route takes you through the varied landscapes of the Veluwe region, one of Holland’s most popular cycling destinations.


Van Gogh Cycle Route (Van Gogh Fietsroute)

Where and how did Vincent van Gogh live? The Van Gogh Cycle Route takes you on a journey through the Brabant countryside to find out more about the places the famous Dutch painter loved and was inspired by.


Cyclist’s Path (Fietserpad)

From the gentle hills of Limburg to the flat open landscape of Groningen - the Cyclist’s Path takes you from Maastricht in the south to the Wadden Sea in the north through some of Holland’s most sparsely populated regions.