With so many bicycles in Holland, it's not surprising that you find bicycle shops everywhere, even in tiny villages (to find out where, go to the online cycle route planner). Some smaller shops focus on everyday cycling, others specialise in more adventurous types of bicycles. Most bike shops have a workshop where they can do repairs for you. Some shops have a bicycle a rental service. Bicycle shops are usually closed on Sunday and (except in larger towns) on Monday.
You find bicycle shops all over Holland, even in small villages. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comYou find bicycle shops all over Holland, even in small villages. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Spare bicycle parts

Getting hold of spare parts for your bicycle shouldn't be a problem. That's unless you need non-standard parts that are not available abroad. Ask your local bike dealer before you come to Holland. If necessary, bring these along with you. Usually spare bicycle parts are available in different price ranges, though smaller village shops that are mainly geared to everyday cycling might only run the lower end of the range.

Bicycle accessories

From waterproof clothing to bicycle bags, from a child bike seat to a bicycle trailer for you dog: you name it, you can get it in the larger bicycle shops. In the smaller shops you'll just find the basics. You can purchase a certified thief-proof lock in every Dutch bicycle shop. They don’t come cheap, but make sure you have a reliable lock, it's the only way to prevent your bike from being stolen. Read more on: Bicycle theft - how to avoid the pitfalls?

Bicycles - new and second-hand

Bicycle shops don't only offer a wide range of new bicycles, but will often have a collection of second hand bikes as well. Rather than bringing your own bike to Holland, or renting one, you could buy a second-hand bicycle and sell it at the end of your journey. In big cities second-hand bikes are in high demand. This means you won’t get the best value for money.

Bicycle repair and rental

If your bicycle has broken down and you need professional assistance, go to the nearest bicycle shop. Most bicycle shops also do bicycle repairs. At some bicycle shops you can rent a bike. Read more on: Bicycle repair and Bicycle rental.

You can recharge your electric bike at some bicycle shops. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comYou can recharge your electric bike at some bicycle shops. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Recharging electric bikes

In recent years the electric bike has become very popular in Holland. This means there is an increasing demand for places where cyclists can recharge their electric bike along their route. Some bicycle shops have started to offer this service.