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From the epic battle against the sea in Zeeland to Burgundian living in Brabant and Limburg - the LF13 shows you two completely different worlds separated by the Schelde-Rijnkanaal.
Windmill Oranjemolen in Vlissingen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comWindmill Oranjemolen in Vlissingen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

From typically Dutch coastal landscapes with towering dykes and open polders to woods, heathland, fens and sloping hills - the scenery along the LF13 couldn’t be more diverse. Stop at the former garrison towns of Vlissingen, Bergen op Zoom, Breda and Venlo, to get a glimpse of their shared history during the Eighty Years’ War.

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LF13 Schelde-Rhine Route (Schelde-Rheinroute)

Route: Vlissingen - Venlo
Distance: 285 km

Vlissingen - LF Coastal Route
Bergen op Zoom - LF Waterline Route
Breda - LF9
Venlo - LF Maas Cycle Route

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