Much of Holland lies below sea level, so what would happen if the dykes and dunes were no longer there? What would be sea, what would be land? The LF9 takes you along an imaginary Dutch coastline.
The Koppelpoort in the medieval town of Amersfoort. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comThe Koppelpoort in the medieval town of Amersfoort. Photo ©

‘Amersfoort-on-the-Sea’, ‘ Beach Resort Breda’ - cycling along the imaginary coastline you can appreciate how vulnerable Holland is, were the sea level to rise. Following the edge of higher and lower land, the scenery is very varied. Allow time to explore the various medieval cities and fortress towns on the route.

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LF9 Sea Level Route (NAP-route)

Route: Bad Nieuweschans - Breda
Distance: 455 km
Connections: Bad Nieuweschans - LF Coastal Route
Groningen - LF14
Zwolle - LF16, LF3
Elburg - LF Zuiderzee Route
Zeewolde - LF Zuiderzee Route
Spakenburg - LF Zuiderzee Route
Utrecht - LF4, Roman Limes Route, LF Waterline Route
Gorinchem - LF17, Rhine Cycle Route
Woudrichem - LF Maas Cycle Route, LF Waterline  Route
Breda - LF13
Maps: Online cycle route planner, or any good cycle map
GPS tracks: Download from Nederland Fietsland